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Are you age 18 or older, and do you reside in Tennessee or work/reside in a greater metropolitan area that borders Tennessee? If so, you’re eligible for membership!

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We Offer Four Levels of Membership

  • Associate – Entry level of membership upon payment of annual dues.
  • Student – For any full time high school or college student in Tennessee, 18 years or older.
  • Exhibiting – Elevation of an associate member’s level after acceptance into one TnWS juried biennial exhibition. Dues must be up-to-date for this status.
  • Signature – Membership level after earning three “points.” (Acceptance into a juried TnWS biennial exhibition earns 1 point, while acceptance into a TnWS online exhibition earns 1/2 point). Artist/Signature Members may place “TnWS” after their signature on completed works. Dues must be up-to-date for this status.

Annual dues are $35
for Exhibiting, Active, and Signature members.

Annual dues are $20 for Student members

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You Need to Know

Your Annual Dues
Are payable by January 1 and considered delinquent after March 1. Please keep us updated on your contact information, particularly email, so we can reach you.

We Believe in Equal Opportunity
No person on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, age, religion or sex shall be excluded from participation in or otherwise be subjected to discrimination of services, programs, and employment provided by the Tennessee Watercolor Society. That is our Equal Opportunity Policy.

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