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From Our President

Hello Artists! I am excited about the progress that has been made toward fulfilling our mission statement: “The purpose of the Tennessee Watercolor Society is to elevate the stature of watercolor and educate the public to the significance of watercolor as an important, creative, permanent painting medium. The organization’s purposes are to further the interests of painters in all watermedia through programs, competitive exhibits and workshops; to encourage the study of watermedia by art students and others engaged in the medium; and to support all the visual arts.”

We are beginning a new effort to further this mission statement with the first Full-time Student category in the 2021 Online Exhibition Prospectus. To encourage students, we will award three places in this category, all three of which will include a one-year TnWS membership. We hope these one-year memberships will develop into lifetime memberships the students will enjoy.

This Online Exhibition offers artists an opportunity to show art created with non-traditional substrates, if they prefer, and with a wide variety of watermedia. Because there is no need to mat or frame an entry, it will be an economical exhibition for artists to enter. I believe it will be a superb exhibition, and I look forward to seeing the entries as we celebrate this organization’s 50 years of serving the watermedia art community!

Our Regional Reps have been working hard to create opportunities for members to exhibit their work in local venues, also part of the Tennessee Watercolor Society 50th Anniversary celebration. I believe you will be as impressed as I am by the brochure they have developed to use at each region’s exhibitions.

With a couple of exceptions, workshop opportunities are mostly online, but additional plans are being developed as I write this to you. Although online workshops offer opportunities to learn with no travel involved, I am as tired as you are of the Covid-19 situation and will rejoice when it is over and we can meet again.

I see more and more of you participating on the TnWS Facebook page, and I really love seeing your work—it is definitely an inspiration!

Be well and keep your brushes moving,

Leadership of the Tennessee Watercolor Society

Our organization is led by a board of directors, which consists of elected officers, one to three immediate past presidents, members-at-large and all committee chairpersons.

Our primary officers – president, vice president, second vice president, secretary and treasurer – are elected every two years by the membership at the organization’s biennial business meeting, which is held during opening events of the TnWS Biennial Exhibition. Our executive board is currently made of these officers, a website liaison, and an immediate past president.

To efficiently address member needs, the TnWS membership is divided into the following geographic divisions:  Region I-Memphis, Region II-Nashville, Region III-Chattanooga, Region IV-Knoxville, and Region V-Tri-Cities. The president appoints a contact to represent each region who acts as a liaison to the larger organization. Regional contacts coordinate requests and program ideas through the vice president.

The organization also has a historian and maintains several committees, including membership, workshop, exhibition, newsletter and bylaws. Other committees are appointed by the president as needed.


Linn Stilwell
Contact Linn

Vice President/Statewide Regional Coordinator:
Pamela Kingsley Seay

Second Vice President/Traveling Exhibition Committee Chair:
Ann Aiken

Gayla Seale

Vickie Montgomery

Website Liaison:
Jan Alice Keeling

Immediate Past President:
Judy Duke


Membership Chair:
Pat C. Patrick

Lil Clinard

Off-year 2021 Online Juried Exhibition:
Linn Stilwell

Off-year 2021 Workshop:
Jan Batts

Traveling Exhibition:
Ann Aiken

Arts Advocacy:
Kathleen Haynes

Filiz Griffin

Lil Clinard

Bylaws Chair:
Jan Alice Keeling


Website Liaison:
Jan Alice Keeling

TnWS FaceBook:
Tuva Stephens
Marie Spaeder Haas


Data Administrator for Exhibitions and Entry In-take:
Pat C. Patrick


Editor and Writer:
Pamela Kingsley Seay

Graphic Designer for Magazine:
Mark Cobbe

Alyssa Leonard

Copyeditor (Graphic Designer for Monthly E-news):
Jan Alice Keeling


Helen Burton

Marie Spaeder Haas
Mark Cobbe

Awards Chair: Helen Burton;  Prospectus, Catalog and Signage Editor: Helen Burton; Graphic Designer: Mark CobbeOther positions: Region III Members TBA. Contact: Helen Burton,

Entry Intake Chair:
Pat C. Patrick

Traveling Exhibit Chair:
Ann Aiken

Stan Miller


Region I / Memphis

Pamela Kingsley Seay
Tuva Stephens

Region II / Nashville

Wendy Latimer
Patsy Sharpe

Region III / Chattanooga

Helen Burton
Marie Spaeder Haas
Mark Cobbe

Region IV / Knoxville

Jean Porter
Gayla Seale

Region V / Tri Cities

Barbara Jernigan


2018-2020 – Judy Duke / Lexington

2016-2018 – Wendy Latimer / Brentwood

2012-2016 – Barbara Jernigan / Tri-Cities

2010-2012 – Tuva Stephens / McKenzie

2008-2010 – Mary P. Spellings / Mercer

2006-2008 – Harriet Howell / Rutledge

2002-2006 – Wendy Latimer / Brentwood

2000-2002- Jan Batts / Nashville

1996-2000 – Victoria Lenne / Oak Ridge

1995 – Durinda Cheek / Ringgold, GA

1994 – Sandra Baker-Hinton / Rossville, GA

1993 – Harriet Howell / Knoxville

1992 – Christopher Terry / Knoxville

1991 – B. J. Clark / Knoxville

1990 – Judy Ann Hostetter / Chattanooga

1989 – Leathers Maddux / Nashville

1988 – Pat Hopkins / Oak Ridge

1987 – Edna London / Signal Mountain

1986 – Harriet Chipley / Lookout Mountain

1985 – Anne Powers / Rockwood

1984 – Fran Henley / Rockwood

1983 – Janice Pollard / Nashville

1982 – Betty Robinson / Chattanooga

1981 – Lois Shelburne Wallace / Knoxville

1980 – David Wade / Memphis

1979 – Dot Galloway / Knoxville

1978 – Anton Weiss / Nashville

1977 – Beryl Hawkins / Bristol

1975-1976 – Connie Hendrix / Memphis

1974 – Donald Carmichael / Jackson

1973 – Mary B. Lynch / Lookout Mt., GA

1972 – George Shook / Memphis

1971 – Jason Williamson / Memphis

Upcoming Workshops

June 4, 2021
August 29, 2021
Patsy Sharpe: "Small Worlds"

Visit the Customs House to see a wonderful miniatures exhibit by Patsy Sharpe!

Celebrating 50 Years
1971 – 2021

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