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Here’s what Workshop Chair Pamela Seay says about attending an online workshop:

Skip the drive and paint in your PJs while getting assistance from your beloved pet! Or get together with a couple of friends and have your own painting party! Registration is over for Soon Y’s Workshop, but there will be more workshops in the future.

At first I was a bit skeptical about this new technology, but after being allowed to watch a class taught by Soon this week, I am blown away! The clarity of the demo and the interaction between Soon and class members was amazing. If we could choose being together in the same room or doing a LIVE Stream Workshop, I would choose the LIVE Stream option for the way I could see up close exactly what the instructor was doing. There was no scurrying to get the seats closest to her! All you need is access to the Internet via a computer, an iPad, or even a smartphone broadcasting to your smart TV. 

We had an online demo by Soon on July 18, and we have our own Geek Squad to help class members who needs assistance.

You have the option of watching and painting along in real time or watching the LIVE Stream live, taking notes, asking questions, and painting later. The class will be recorded and available for 30 days, and you can watch and rewind and stop and go as much as you need for that 30 days. Soon Y. will be instructing via YouTube Live in order to get the best broadcast signal and clarity. There is a chat room seen only by the class so you can ask questions. I will be monitoring the chat along with Soon Y. and answering anything I can (by repeating what Soon has said or identifying a paint color, etc.). I will text Soon with any questions she needs to answer. That way she can focus on teaching, but she listens to her phone, and when I text she will answer questions live. 

At the end of the day she will switch to a Zoom link. Class members will receive a link by email—just click on the link and you are in. During Zoom, Soon can see us and we can see one another. She will answer questions and do critiques of your work as you request.

We presented a LIVE Stream Demo for the entire membership of the TnWS a couple of weeks prior to the Workshop dates, which are still August 4 – 7. The new lower price for Members is $200; for Non-Members it’s $250. Registration is now over for Soon Y’s Workshop, but you may wish to become a member of TnWs now anyway. Remember, to do so you must either reside in Tennessee or work/reside in a greater metropolitan area that borders Tennessee.

I am learning as I go and I can’t wait to show you this new way to learn.  You WILL love it. NO masks needed. NO Social Distancing worries. Save money, sleep in your own bed and snuggle with your bestie, then get up close and personal instruction from a fantastic watercolor teacher! If you have Internet issues, email me for options in finding someone to buddy with.

Pamela Kingsley Seay
Workshop Chair
Mobile -731-223-2342

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