Update for 2020 Exhibition (cont’d.)

Tuva Stephens, our Exhibition 2020 Chairperson, says, “April 7 is still the deadline for the entries into the Tennessee Watercolor Society 37th Exhibition (Biennial Exhibition), and we plan to move forward as far as we can. What will be happening in August? IF we cannot meet as a group, we will have an online exhibition, and Soon Y. Warren will select the awards through digital images. For now, everything remains as planned.” 

From Pamela Seay, our Exhibition 2020 Workshop Chairperson: “We are walking in an ocean of unknowns. I continue to plan the 2020 Workshop one day at a time. I am heeding the advice of the medical Community, and I am hunkering down, cleaning out my studio, drawing and painting, and really enjoying the slow mindfulness I am nurturing in my life. As for August, I don’t have an answer, but this I know: We will carry on. I encourage you to sign up for Soon Y Warren’s Workshop now while we have a few spots left. If plans change, hang in there, your money will be refunded or perhaps we will have an online class. There are just a few spots left, so sign up now. We will keep you updated as time and needs progress. Remember, painting is a very uplifting and healthy way to spend your time; it heals the artist as well as the viewer.”

Our hopes and prayers are with all of you. Time to stay home can be a blessing in that now we have time to create. Be positive, and look forward to an exciting weekend in Humboldt and Jackson in August. The committee is continuing plans for a great time to celebrate art and be with friends. We will evaluate the situation as time progresses. For now we want everyone safe . . . and plan to be in Humboldt in August!  

Judy Duke, TnWS President 

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