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Lynne Griffey’s Bio

Painting an Expression of the Soul

Henry Ward Beacher (1813-1887) once said “Every artist dips his brush into his own soul and paints nature into his pictures.” As a retired teacher, who once inspired her students to always do their best, Lynne Griffey feels the inspiration to put her best into her art. Her subject matter includes local historic landmarks, landscapes, florals, birds and nature scenes. Because of her sense of community, numerous non-profit agencies have benefitted from Lynne’s art for fundraising.

Lynne’s goal is to lovingly instill each piece with a sense of joy and serenity. If one looks closely, the viewer can locate an owl and a heart which symbolize the artist’s philosophy. The vivid use of color and soft brushstrokes provide a refreshing contrast in her watercolors and oil painting. As far as her artistic style is concerned, Lynne says she has much to learn, but is enjoying the journey’s expression.


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