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Kay Coop’s Bio

Kay’s works have been exhibited locally and across the country from San Diego to Rhode Island in juried regional and national exhibitions. Her many awards include first place and purchase awards in the Kentucky Aqueous USA exhibition. Kay is a Signature Member of the Tennessee and Missouri Watercolor Societies, a Platinum Star Artist in the Memphis Germantown Art League, and a member of Artists Link. She serves as exhibition Chair for both the Tennessee Watercolor Society and the Memphis/Germantown Art League. Her serious focus on art began a few years ago upon retirement from the business world. She enjoys the camaraderie and inspiration of colleagues in the Memphis art community. Kay works primarily in watercolor, but enjoys experimenting in other mediums and combining those with watercolor. Her most recent work has been brightly colored acrylic paintings of the distinctive Memphis scene. She also enjoys the rustic “woodcut effect” of tempera resist and ink. She is particularly drawn to high value contrast, bright colors, and strong shapes. Her subject matter varies widely, but frequently has a touch of nostalgia and history combined with the implication of human interaction.


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