Jacques Camp’s Bio

I have a passion for watercolor, and I am a self-taught artist!

The most important aspects in my art are color and line.  I express energy and enthusiasm for what it is that inspires me to paint through the use of bright, bold color.  My style has a quality of realism, but with a twist – color and line that is expressive, somewhat impressionistic, sometimes abstract, and often with perhaps a bit of whimsy!  I “build” a painting through the process of layering pigment which is so unique to watercolor.  The subjects I paint are often exaggerated in size and boldness, tending to personify my subject, as I want my observer to experience a feeling of delight and connection while viewing my work.

I am a member of the Tennessee Watercolor Society and an Associate member of the American Watercolor Society.  I have been honored to win prizes and I continue daily to explore the world of watercolor.



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