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Elizabeth Braswell’s Bio

Braswell grew up in an art family–on both sides! From an early age, she was provided with the opportunity to explore mediums and techniques. Visits to world class museums, galleries, institutions, and artists’ studios were the norm.

Her mother, Estelle Ansley Worrell, is the author and illustrator of ten published books (http://estelleansleyworrell.com). Her father, Norman Worrell, was the first Executive Director of the Tennessee Arts Commission.

Braswell worked as an independent artist’s agent for seven years. Later, she worked as a senior project manager and vice president with her father’s art consulting company. She has been teaching Spanish online for APSU for eleven years.

Braswell’s vision is to produce works of art that are both beautiful and complex; her works are both inspired and analytical.

She has spent many years researching and studying color psychology and color effects, and infuses her work with this knowledge.


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