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Effton Mitchell’s Bio

Effton Mitchell is a self-described full-time student of the elusive medium of watercolor. He is a past president of the Watercolor Art Society of Houston (WAS-H), where he painted alongside many highly skilled and talented artists. Effton’s teachers include Carl Dalio, Judi Betts, Jim Kosvanek, Harold Phenix, A. J. Schexnayder, and, most recently, Tom Lynch. Effton is also a new member to Tennessee Watercolor Society, where he has exhibited in regional exhibits. Effton’s lifelong passions are fly-fishing and sailing, and these pastimes have taken him to many places he really loves, especially the high mountain streams of the southern Appalachians. In recent years, his art reflects more and more his love of these places. An avid reader on the subject of art, Effton had earned much of his knowledge through his own diligence and research.


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