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Berlynne Holman’s Bio

A lifelong advocate for the arts, Berlynne has served in many roles with local theatre, music and visual art groups.  When she retired from her profession of Interior Designer and sold her design store, she has gradually expanded her watercolor painting by intensifying the colors, working to comprehend design and painting more luminously.   Her role as workshop coordinator for GCVAA gave her the opportunity to  learn from some of the greatest watercolor painters in the world.  Tony Couch, Gerald Brommer, Frank Webb, Judy Betts, Paul Jackson, Ron Ranson, Charlotte Huntley, Lauren McCracken, Jean Grastorf and John Salminem were all brought to rural West Tn. during her term as coordinator.  Portraits and animals are the most fun for this watercolorist, but just watching the water paint the picture thru pouring, glazing and charging in the color still thrills and amazes her.  Her work is on display at Courtsquare Arts & Antiques in Trenton.


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