Mike Elkins, Catching Some Rays, 20×28
$2,500 Best of Show – Joan Clark Memorial – Cash Award

Lil Clinard, Rogue Wave III, 30×30
$1,780 Beauty of Watermedia – Cash Award

Tuva Stephens, MyTribute, 21×29
$1,200 Jeffrey A. Shoham Purchase Award

Fred Rawlinson, Landslide, 22×30
$1,200 Max Hochstetler Memorial – Cash Award

Susan Hyback, From the Pines, 21×29
$865 Totally Transparent Watercolor

Patsy Sharpe, Black Irises, 22×15
$725 Fred & Jo Rawlinson Cash Award

Linn Stilwell, Tadpole Snack, 20×16
$725 Region IV Cash Award

Pam Austin, Opening, 12×17
$615 Helen Stahl Memorial Cash Award

Barbara Bullard, Homegrown, 25×19
$535 Region III In Honor of Founder Mary Britten Lynch Cash Award

Mark Cobbe, Haulin’ Grass, 15×22
$500 Architecture of Art Cash Award

Larry Hughes, A Walk in the Park, 30×23
$500 Register & Makoshi Families Memorial Cash Award

Gayla Seale, Love Locks in Budapest, 19.5×26.5
$475 Past Presidents’ Cash Award ($230) Merchandise Award ($245)

Kate Aubrey, What It Takes, 23×24
$475 Marilyn Brisbois Memorial Cash Award

Patricia Ing Wilson, The Treasure, 21×29
$350 Region II Art Appreciation Cash Award ($100) Merchandise ($250)

Jim Henderson, Welcome Inn B&B, 19×27
$350 Gibson County Utility District Cash Award ($250) Merchandise Award ($100)

Johnny Guthrie, Thoughts Churning, 17×10.75
$350 Gibson County Visual Arts Association Cash Award ($250) Merchandise ($100)

Coco Dauer, The Whimsey Quilt, 21×29.5
$350 Merchandise I Award Gift Certificates

Mary Spellings, No More Dawn to Dusk, 22×30
$291 Merchandise II Award

Robert Smith, Mouths to Feed, 14×10
$265 Merchandise III Award

TnWS 2020 Traveling Exhibit Artists

Ann Aiken, Doorway, Joucas, Provence
Kate Aubrey, What It Takes
Pam Austin, Opening
Claudia Balthrop, Life Goes On
Lisa Cantrell-Wood,
Morning on the Lake
Jim Cattanach,
Tricky Treats
Durinda Cheek,
The Jester
Lil Clinard,
Rogue Wave III
Mark Cobbe,
Haulin’ Grass
Coco Dauer,
The Whimsey Quilt
Lee Edge,
The Onion Vendor
Mike Elkins,
Catching Some Rays
Don Gotterbarn,
Tennessee Reflections
Johnny Guthrie,
Thoughts Churning
Tina Huey,
A Walk in the Deer Woods
Barbara Jernigan,
Vinegar and Friends
Erin Johnson,
My Angel
Jan Alice Keeling,
In a High-rise Window
Martha Kirby,
The Cross, The Power, The Light
Judy Lavoie,
What A Wonderful World
Susan Miller,
Changing Power
Pat C. Patrick,
Azalea Avalanche
Jean Porter,
Tower Bridge, Sacramento
Fred Rawlinson,
Gayla Seale,
Love Locks in Budapest
Patsy Sharpe,
Black Irises
Robert Smith,
Mouths to Feed
Mary Spellings,
No More Dawn to Dusk
Linn Stilwell,
Tadpole Snack
Patricia Ing Wilson,
The Treasure